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Italian Art-Lamps

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Italian designer Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi creates amazing light fixtures. They are so original and unusual that at first you cannot even believe that you see table lamps. They look like planes, steering wheels of the motorcycle, etc. Maurizio’s fantasies have no limits.

Italian Art-Lamps by Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi

Light fixtures from Fantastic-Gallery by Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi

Light fixtures from Fantastic-Gallery by Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi

Maurizio was professionally engaged in advertising photography and only by age 40 he understood that it was better to “create” than “to contemplate”. And he started making exclusive handmade table lamps. Maurizio is really passionate with his job. He creates truly unique interior table lamps, surprising by his ideas and their appearances.

Originality of the lamps, created by Maurizio Lamponi, is in the materials, which he uses to make them. He used real everyday objects for many lamps as constituting elements. And due to his creativity, they get new life in the form of art-objects.

The prices for the Lamponi’s lamps start from € 1100.

We present all the thematic collections made by Maurizio Lamponi.

Fantastic Gallery

This collection contains models, based on combining of seemingly incompatible items: home appliances and magical aesthetics of source of soft light. Also other unexpected ideas of alignment are implemented in this collection.

Fly Gallery

It is a very beautiful and mesmerizing collection. Model airplanes are made of steel, aluminum and finewood. The collection contains only handmade lamps. Soft light and planes’ energy in stagnation give an awesome aesthetic pleasure.

Design Gallery

This is a collection of such table lamps, as we are expecting to see the light source on the desktop. Look at the models of table lamps in this collection. You will to see a laconic style of an object that is in demand by many high-status covers of glossy magazines.


This is a collection, in which the artist expressed his keenness with American motorcycles and scooters. He used the original elements from the motorcycles and scooters.

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