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More Creative Clock Designs And Time Objects

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Function in clocks is surely a priority, but creative design can bring so much more appeal to the clocks and the decor. Wall clocks can become a focal point in the room especially the ones you can see below.

Creative Clock Designs

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Goldfish Clock by Griffin Yang

Goldfish Clock by Griffin Yang is an amazing timepiece that is made of symbols of luck and fortune. The small clock is surrounded by nine goldfish in a beautiful arrangement and in Eastern culture number nine means good fortune while goldfish means luck. Both beautiful and full of meaning this creative clock surely doubles as a wall decoration.

Another such clock design is Time Machine Clock by Daniel Duarte. The patterned rounded clock shows time with only two small colored bars while the pattern changes as the time passes by and the bars move.

Creativity though does not only work when it comes to aesthetics. Blink Mirror Clock by Jonathan Honvoh and Rodrigue Strouwen of Twodesigners is a creative timepiece that doubles as a mirror. Equipped with the LED the clock can be seen upon touch and features a funny caption “Hurry up! You look great but you are late”.

A design by Vespoe is a Water Clock, literally. It features a glass of water and two balls that float around acting as hands.

Some timepieces though aren’t designed to show exact time but rather to make us think about it and how we spend it. The Chrono-Shredder is a calendar device by Susanna Hertrich that shreds paper minute by minute every day to remind of the time that passed.

A Slowclock by fāctil + Mercè Núñez question the importance of time accuracy. The clock was designed to give a perspective of time that is closer to people’s daily routine.

Another amazing timepiece that doesn’t show time is a Claude Glass by Jon Stam that displays the views around the Swiss village of Verbier in different seasons that can be seen when turning the glass. This one was inspired by the black pocket sized mirror used in 18th century by the artists for painting.


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