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Lamps Inspired by Cocktail Glasses

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We have got some latest interesting news from the Design Week 2013 in Eindhofen, Netherlands. Only the brightest ideas and creations are exhibited there and some of them might be pretty useful for our interiorholics.

Cocktail Glass-Inspired Lamps

Amsterdam designers from Studio Drift at Eat and Drink Design, Ralph Nouta and Lonneke Gordjin presented their collection of “Nola” lamps. If you are still thinking, that regular lights are too dull, check out this new source of light. They look like cocktail glasses filled with colorful cocktaildrinks.

Nola Lamps

Nola Lamps

What Does It Look Like?

All the lamps are hand-blown and set on a round ceramic basis. The glass itself is colorless. Secret is hidden in the light-emitting diodes (LED) of different colors inside the lamp. Having installed such a lamp in the room, you get almost limitless options for experiments with changing the light, space and interior. This lighting is like a drink for different time of the day. If you need it to be casual, switch off the colorful lamps. If you need a party atmosphere – bring back the colors and the living room instantly looks like an inviting club hall.

Shapes of Cocktail Glasses

As you have probably figured out, Eat and Drink Design Studio’s creations for home interior have been inspired by different tableware shapes. In particular, Nola Lamps have their shape very similar to an elegant glass. Colorful and bright cocktail for you interior certainly looks and sounds delicious. Every day is going to be filled with a different mood.

Let’s wish good luck to Ralph and Lonneke. We hope to see much more interesting news from Eindhofen Design Week in order to grab some ideas for our own interiors.

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