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Item Of The Week: Peacock Mirror

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Statement accessories such as peacock mirror make for ultimate eye-drawing focal point in the room or an impressive hallway. Produced by various manufacturers a peacock mirror is made in the form of a peacock’s fan decorated with multiple smaller round mirrors. The frame is often made of wood but covered with metallic paint to give it luster and light-replecting properties.

Item Of The Week: Peacock Mirror

The peacock is symbolic in many cultures. In some it symbolizes suffering while in others eternal life. In yet other cultures it, naturally, symbolizes wealth, glory, and pride. Peacock mirrors are beautiful and luxurious. The prices for some bespoke pieces reach thousands of dollars but there are still some affordable lots that can be found online or in local stores.

Item Of The Week: Peacock Mirror

The allure of the peacock mirror is apparent. It is intricate and the motifs add an exotic touch to any interior. It can be used in the hallway or in the living room. It can add drama to the master bathroom or a powder room. There are quite a few styles where the peacock mirror will fit organically.

Item Of The Week: Peacock Mirror

In the traditional interior design the peacock mirror might look like an exotic accent. Add a couple of smaller items in a similar style to tie it all together. A peacock mirror will also look great in bohemian interior and will become a beautiful element in an ecletic decor. Peacock mirrors come in rounded shapes and different sizes.

Peack mirrors are available at Restoration Hardware at special $715 – $915, I. O. Metro at $639.96 on sale, and a rectangular one from Horchow is now $146.90.

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Peacock Mirror In Home Decor

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