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Disco Ball In Interior Decor

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Disco or mirror ball has been around for a century. It has brought glitz to discothèques, ballrooms and club dancefloors so there is no reason why it cannot be used in interior decor of your home. Usually rotating, the disco ball can be a great decoration even if non-mechnanized thanks to its sparkly light reflecting look.

Disco Ball in Home Decor

Disco Ball in Interior Decor

Disco ball in interior decor


Disco ball is a great bathroom decoration as the reflective surface of the room’s walls adds additional glitz to the room. It will especially add charm to the bathroom that features built in lighting as it will fill the space of a pendant light of chandelier.

Living Room

In a living room a disco ball can become an unexpected detail that attracts attention and adds glitz to the traditional, modern or even rustic space. The same goes for the dining room. A glitter ball is a great substitute for a chandelier and can look great above the dining table.

DIY Disco Ball

You can buy a disco ball or it can become one of your DIY projects. To create your own glitter ball you’ll have to have a Styrofoam ball to which you will glue on your mirror tiles. The latter can be in form of fabric or actual mirror tiles. The fabric is more pliable but you can also recycle old CDs by turning them into a mirror ball. Though be sure to cut them as even as possible to get a uniform look.

Ready-made disco balls can add a little more to your design especially if you like throwing parties and dance. Turn your living room into a dancefloor by adding a real disco ball along with colorful lights and there you have your own discothèque.


If you want a more subtle decoration inspired by the disco ball there are many options to choose from like spherical chandeliers, mirror square tiles, and miniature glitter balls.

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