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Most Breathtaking House Design Concepts

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If you could live wherever you wanted, where would it be? An edge of an ocean or sea? Or perhaps thick greenery of the forest? These architects imagine life in the mountains and cliffs beside the water. They are daring and bold in their concepts and we aren’t sure if these amazing projects will ever be brought to life but maybe its just their genius that they look like they could be real.

Most Breathtaking Design Concepts

Cliff House by Modscape

Cliff House by Modscape sees a house suspended right from an edge of a cliff in Victoria, Australia overlooking the ocean. The glass and steel construction would allow the panoramic views of horizon from each of the building’s floors that would include three bedrooms, dining/kitchen, living area, and two bathrooms. The entry from a carport would take the holiday house dwellers down to the living area and other rooms via elevator.

Casa Brutale by OPA

Casa Brutale designed by OPA imagine their house set into the cliff instead and perhaps safety-wise it’s a more practical way of doing it. This in no way detracts from its sheer stunning power. Designed to be made out of glass and concrete the house has a gritty industrial look softened by the huge glass ceiling of reinforced glass that holds a swimming pool. The water allows light to diffuse and fill in the rooms with peculiar light and shadow patterns. And that is all aside from a huge facade window that opens up to Aegean Sea. The left side of the facade shows a balcony in case the residents wish for a breath of fresh sea air.

Modern House by Roman Vlasov

A more grounded but no less grand version of a mountain house was concptualized by the architect Roman Vlasov. One of his modern house concepts makes a statement somewhere among the rocks surrounded by the sea. There are no interior concepts but we’re sure they would be clean and modern.

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