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Extreme Environment Architecture

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Extreme environment architectural structures is the recent trend in architecture. Prefab shelters and hotels for alpinists are already appearing or are in the plans specifically designed to provide the extreme environment such as mountains with some safe and roofed space where the alpinists can rest and find shelter.

Extreme Environment Architecture

One of such refuges has already been installed by LEAPfactory Gervasutti in Mont Blanc. Essentially a prefab pod Gervasutti features solar panels and a system that solves the energy issues as well as providing the chance to remote control and monitor it. The pod fetures the living/dining space, sleeping units, and a window which provides panoramic views of the mountains.

All LEAPfactory products are entirely prefabricated and conceived for “zero impact dwelling” especially in sensitive natural areas that need to be protected, in remote locations with no road access or where traditional permanent foundations should be avoided.

Extreme Environment Architecture

Another such structure is Refuge du Goûter that is currently under construction process in Mont Blanc, France will be ready in 2013. Designed by Groupe H architects Refuge du Goûter will replace the old building that was constructed back in the 60’s. The changes to the design include the size of the building and the energy-consumption. The summer-only, energy and water efficient refuge for alpinists will be able to house 120 guests on its four floors once it’s completed.

Extreme Environment Architecture

Margot Krasojević’s design project for Holden Manz Wine Estate Cape Town is an insect-like hanging hotel with a hanging tent.

Extreme Environment Architecture

Extreme Environment Architectural Structures

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