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5 Most Colorful Buildings

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Modern architecture made of glass and concrete seems gray and boring and colorful buildings are more notable among others. Good for us it becomes popular among architects to paint buildings crazy and unusual colors. Here are a few examples of how colorful buildings strongly differ from dull gray and brown buildings.

Most Colorful Buildings All Over The World

Office Building, Zaragoza

zaragoza offices

A lot of empty halls were left after the “Expo-2008” in Zaragoza. Since the theme of the exhibition was “sustainable development”, which promotes reusing of materials, it was decided not to demolish the buildings but to turn them into the largest business park in Spain.

The internal structure of the building was totally redone and combined into a single system with a common roof and facades were covered with colored metal tubes.

Museum Of Nestlé, Toluca

nestle museum

Nestlé’s main idea for the architects was to make the museum as unusual as possible to make the young visitors believe in the magical origins of chocolate. The choice fell on a polygonal structure that looks like origami.

Of course there were no question about the color. Red – is the color of the brand. Now the museum is considered one of the attractions of Mexico. Nestlé recently opened another museum in Sao Paulo, which is more traditional in terms of architecture, but it’s still red.

Private Homes, Paris

uneven facades

Villiot-Rapée condo consists of two buildings and is wedged into a residential development along the banks of the Seine. The architecture company Hamonic+Masson tried to minimize the disadvantages of urban housing.

Houses don’t look boxy, floors are offset relatively to each other, which increases the light inside the house, and each apartment has a large terrace.

Even though there are no green plants on the balconies or in the yard yet, green facades please the eyes.

Neuropsychiatric Center, Zaragoza

neurological centre in zaragoza

Our Lady of Carmel Hospital in Zaragoza asked a Spanish architect José Javier Gallardo Ortega to expand the Neuropsychiatric Center. The architect proposed to build a single storey building with a zig-zag roof that resembles an encephalogram.

Spanish architect hopes that his new, fire-engine red children’s psychiatric center in Zaragoza “robs us of prejudice” against people with behavioral and emotional problems. “Usually, society tries to ignore places like this,” – says the architect. – “We chose red to say, nothing to be ashamed sick!”

Multifunctional Complex, London

colorful office building

The building of Central St. Giles was built by Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Fletcher Priest Architects project and neatly inscribed in the context of the old industrial district of Camden.

A huge construction area is divided into several buildings connected by glazed transitions, allowing to visually preserve the usual scale. Illusion fragmentation is supported by different orientation of facades and colorful ceramic panels.

All of it strongly distinguishes complex from dull brown brick buildings of Camden.

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