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Green Integration in House Construction

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The green movement has penetrated into all spheres of human activity. The word “green” has become a kind of brand in the age of race for natural and organic products. In the architectural field the use of green materials and technology is not a new, but a steady trend. Everyone wants to live in a clean environment. We all have a desire to be healthy. We strive to improve and save the environment for ourselves and the next generation. The system of certification of green homebuilding (LEED) has become the standard-bearer for the design, construction and operation of “green” buildings in the United States. However, despite the emerging trend, many companies shy away from LEED certification, as it comes to financing, construction and renovation of their facilities. The main problem is time and money.

Green Integration as Alternative to LEED Certification

green integration for developers

House in southern Maryland

According to many real estate developers, LEED certification is too expensive. The initial cost of LEED certification may exceed the total cost of the project by 10%.

There are alternatives to LEED certification. And many companies are willing to commit to environmentally sustainable design practices where professionals can use the process of green integration. The process of green integration is very similar to the process of design and construction, in which a team of developers and designers is working in tandem with the contractor to reduce costs and speed up the construction process. In addition, the green integration fosters innovation and collaboration between architects, designers, builders, engineers and contractors with a view to reaching a collective economically sound solutions.

Although the green integration can not directly lead to the desired  LEED certification, it can provide savings in lower cost before the construction. A professional designer is the ideal coordinator of this co-design, as the designer is often more informed about the needs of the client. The process of green integration is a promising area where skilled architects and designers can extend and differentiate their experience.

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