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10 Cool Compact House Designs

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Compact architecture is a popular trend as the small prefab houses can be built on a budget and in short time period. Though compact houses are small spaced they can have stylish and cool architecture and interior design.

10 Cool Compact Houses:


10 Cool Compact House Designs

Hus-1 is a magically beautiful house constructed in Sweden. Read and see more of Hus-1 house by Torsten Ottesjö.

Ecomo Home

10 Cool Compact House Designs

Ecomo Home is a prefabricated modular house. After the house parts are constructed on the factory they are shipped to the site and assembled there. The house can be enhanced with the solar energy panels and outdoor decks.

House 11 x 11

10 Cool Compact House Designs

House 11 x 11 by Titus Bernhard Architekten is a cute house in Germany covered with wood lamellae that gives facade a structured look the house shape also reminds of a traditional house with chimney enhanced with a glazed part of the front wall.


10 Cool Compact House Designs

Boxhome is a tiny house design by Rintala Eggertsson Architects that has an area of 19 square metres and an aluminum-clad facade with tinted glass. Regardless of its siize the the Boxhome has two levels, which include a kitchen/dining area, living room, bathroom, and bedroom.

Distance of Fog

10 Cool Compact House Designs

Distance of Fog by StudioGreenBlue is a house in Japan with a glazed horizontal line at the lower part of the facade that opens the view on the street. The privacy issue was resolved by using overlapped perforated covers.


10 Cool Compact House Designs

Paco is even a tinier house (3m x 3m x 3m) and still provides with all the important housing features like a shower, toilet, hammock as bed, and a window for natural light.

Mima House

10 Cool Compact House Designs

Mima house is a modular housing structure by Mima Architects that features removable partitions with help of which the space can be rearranged any time as well as creating one’s own rooms.

Reflection of Mineral

10 Cool Compact House Designs

Reflection of Mineral is a compact futuristic house design in Japan designed by Yasuhiro Yamashita. The house’s angular shape provides a parking space for a car and allows plenty of natural light in thanks to a big window.

Camusdarach House

10 Cool Compact House Designs

Raw Architecture Workshop has designed a seemingly compact house that has an underground living space to it and will be completed in 2013. The above ground part has an interesting shape and design.

House Bern Heim Beuk

10 Cool Compact House Designs

House Bern Heim Beuk by Architecten De Vylder Vinck was built to incorporate and consider the site with a number of trees. Read and see more of House Bern Heim Beuk here.

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