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House with Built In Garden

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Since it’s not always possible to have a garden around your house architects have come up with an idea of built in home gardens that are basically huge planters in the house exterior. Sometimes the roof can make a great place for a garden. Built in garden is a nice alternative for a conventional garden if you don’t have land for it and still want to enjoy greenery, practice gardening and simply enjoy the immediate natural sight from the window.

House with Built In Garden

Formwerkz Architects have come up with this structure for their Maximum Garden House that features a built-in planter that serves as a shield that provides privacy and keeps rain away. It is built in right in the building’s facade and there is also a beautiful lawn beneath the planter.

House with Built In Garden

Ninety 7 House by Aamer Architects too features planters at different levels where the owners can plant grass and flowers. The planters are located to sun exposure and the balcony is made in glass to allow the view on the green lawns.

House with Built In Garden

This Floating House was designed by Hyunjoon Yoo Architects for a married couple who wanted a house overlooking a Bukhan River. A built in roof garden makes sense since it’s both both and functional as the owners can enjoy the river view while sitting in their own green hideaway.

House with Built In Garden

If you already have a house that doesn’t neighbor greens sights and there is not enough room for big planters as featured in previous homes, you can always use the good old plant pots to surround yourself with greenery not only inside the house but also on the balcony or terrace. If you live in an urban apartment building the greenery could also expand to the hallway and doorway. Take a look at this residence by John Maniscalco Architecture, for example.

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