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5 Stylish Boxy House Designs

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Boxy house architecture became quite popular lately. Blocks/cubes can be stacked together or arranged to form a bigger residence. It’s a natural and convenient shape that can be seen in many house designs today. Here we share five stylish and boxy houses that are both simple in their architecture and yet stylish in design.

Nicholson Residence

5 Stylish Boxy House Designs

Nicholson Residence renovated by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design features a wooden block element with a terrace and a floor to ceiling glass window decorated with a tree branch decal. This boxy structure looks like a digit 9 thanks to its absent side wall which allows the row of small trees to continue closer to the house. The second level is also enhanced with a glass wall to allow the view of outdoors in.

Shakin Stevens House

5 Stylish Boxy House Designs

Shakin Stevens House from same Matt Gibson Architecture + Design consists of three cubes that again feature glass walls that allow the residents have daily interaction with the outdoors and greenery. This airy and stylish abode proves that boxy doesn’t mean cramped and confined. The glass walls make the space look visually bigger and lighter.

Casa Besares

5 Stylish Boxy House Designs

Cases Besares by Arquinoma is a complex box-like house with multiple square and rectangular windows of different sizes. The slim entrance gives more wall space for a big glass window that brings more light and visual space to the living room. But this one-side view can be deceiving as the house has a rectangular shape and extends forward providing more space for the residents.

Gallery House

5 Stylish Boxy House Designs

Gallery House designed by Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects is a slim two storey building with floor-to-ceiling windows decorated with metallic rods in an abstract pattern. The house sits close between the two other buildings but on the inside seems much bigger than it would seem when looking at the facade.

Gibbon Street House

5 Stylish Boxy House Designs

Gibbon Street House by Shaun Lockyer Architects also has an interesting box-like structure but at the same time it’s spacious and looks like a more conventional house from the front. At the back however it features the same floor-to-ceiling glass walls which allow residents to enjoy plenty of natural light and the view on the swimming pool and a green lawn.

Stylish Boxy Houses

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