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10 Most Bizarre Buildings in the World

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We already featured the top 10 list of most amazing buildings in the world, now it’s time for most bizarre architectural endeavors. Brace yourselves for most bizarre architectural creations in the world. But make no mistake by taking ‘bizarre’ in a negative way. Unusual and creative is always great!

Royal Ontario Museum, Canada

10 Most Bizarre Buildings in the World

Founded in 1912 the museum has grown into a large institution with rich galleries and collections. The original building was designed in Neo-Romanesque style while the wings and other buildings were designed and constructed later. The building that interests us a crystal-shaped building that was opened in 2007 and has a main entrance to the museum, seven galleries and gift shop along with cafe and restaurant. The structure made of 25 per cent glass and 75 per cent aluminum looks very modern with its more traditional counterparts. And although it looks like it’s going to devour the building next to it the Crystal doesn’t touch the other buildings.

House in Highgate Cemetery, England

10 Most Bizarre Buildings in the World

Now the house itself doesn’t look bizarre, on the contrary it’s very modern and all except it’s overlooking a Highgate cemetery. This is an example of how a location of your house wraps it with an atmosphere. The house was designed by Eldridge Smerin firm of two architects Nick Eldridge and Piers Smerin.

Hole House in Texas, USA

10 Most Bizarre Buildings in the World

“Hole house” or “Tunnel” house was a creation by Houston-based artists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck who decided to transform a soon-to-be-demolished house into a work of art. Creating a wormhole that goes through the house and ends at the backyard the artists achieved the effect of the house being sucked in by it. Unfortunately the installation was demolished in 2005.

Friendly Alien, Austria

10 Most Bizarre Buildings in the World

Graz Art Museum or “Friendly Alien” was built in 2003 to honor European Capital of Culture celebrations. The creators Peter Cook and Colin Fournier have called the building “Friendly Alien” for an obvious reason. It’s form and materials are very different from it’s baroque-looking surroundings as well as it’s much different from “traditional” modern architecture, which often work in the concept of the so-called “White Cube”.

Gangster House, Russia

10 Most Bizarre Buildings in the World

The tallest wooden house in Russia was built in 1995 by a millionaire Nikolai Sutiagin. This 12-story building was 38 meters high and had a separate 3-story bathhouse. There was a billiard room, dance room, and a number of lounges. When Sutiagin was asked why he has to build this “castle” he said he wanted to see the sea. One could really see the line of the White Sea that locates 40 km from Archangelsk, where the house was built. In 2008 the house was demolished by decision of the local court. The building was constructed without any engineering calculations since Sutiagin was he’s own designer and constructor.

Hang Nga Guest House (Crazy House), Vietnam

10 Most Bizarre Buildings in the World

Hang Nga Guest House was designed by Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga inspired by legendary architect Antoni Gaudí whose unconventional approach to architecture has given the world many beautiful strange buildings. The Hang Nga Guesthouse design incorporates curves, unconventional shapes and forms and angles. The building was also inspired by the organic surroundings so it also reminds a tree.

Wonderworks, USA

10 Most Bizarre Buildings in the World

Wonderworks is an attraction of science exhibits that cover math, physics, space and other. The educational programs and exhibitions are presented in a recreational way. The Wonderworks sites are located in several different places and each feature various courses and entertaining things like laser tag.

Stone House, Portugal

10 Most Bizarre Buildings in the World

This amazing building Stone House was built in Fafe mountains in Portugal. Two stones connected together have made a strange but beautiful-looking house.

Errante Guest House, Chile

10 Most Bizarre Buildings in the World

There’s not much info about this bizarre Errante Guest House built in Chile but it looks absolutely amazing and unusual.

Torre Galatea, Spain

10 Most Bizarre Buildings in the World

Torre Galatea is the Dali Theater and Museum named in honor of his wife and muse Gala. The original building housed a theater in hometown of Salvatore Dalí and it was one of the first places where Dali’s art was exhibited. The theater was ruined during Spanish Civil War and stayed in ruins until it was rebuilt into museum.

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    Great designs,very unusal and imaginative architectural concepts..Thanks for sharing

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    Last year I have been in Warsaw for 2 weeks and I must say this amazing place made a huge impression on me.
    You must visit it 😉

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    Mona, hoping to see a part 2 of this same article, preferably for newer modern buildings that might be just as bizarre.

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