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Green Walls: Dilston Grove Gallery

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The Dilston Grove Gallery is now presenting an amazing view to its visitors: incredible lush green walls and all of it in the former church! The walls of Dilston Grove are covered with green grass!

Dilston Grove Gallery green walls

Former Church: a modern art platform

Remember the post about urban gardening, regarding green walls? Well, it can be incorporated into awesome pieces of art, as beautifully presented in the Dilston Grove Gallery. Located in London’s Southwark Park, an abandoned cathedral has a long history of providing a platform for artists. The church itself was built in 1900 but became largely abandoned in 1960, and now artist are taking care of it. In the last fifty years it became one of the hip places of modern art in London.

Green walls art is a master work of two renowned British artists, Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey. The artists have covered the whole exterior in lush green grass, making it look astonishing and very natural. The awesome green wall effect was achieved by covering seeds mixed in clay. The rest is to be guessed, the two artists just covered all walls with this magical clay and voila! Amazing wall art made entirely of grass.

The building itself looks eerie and even haunting even, with its dark green interior. Now, with all rich green color, it looks like a forest that accidentally ran into a manmade construction. The concept of this artwork is in renewing natural beauty of the building and the nature as inside as outside. But unfortunately, this amazing construction is to be dismantled in a couple of months.

Enjoy its lush green design:

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