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Three Houses in One

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Architects often have to find a compromise between customers’ unrealizable dreams and not so much colorful features of real life. In the case of this house, located near Barcelona, ​​everything was different. Owners of the house in a small Spanish town of Sant Cugat asked to build a simple house, which would become an extension of local orchard. This wish was the main and only.

Three Houses in One for Family

Three Houses in One in Sant Cugat, Spain

Three Houses in One in Sant Cugat, Spain 

Architects from H Arquitectes have found a simple solution – not to build a bulky house, but build three small buildings connected by open recreational areas.

For the couple dealing with collecting art, it was important to spend more time outdoors. The space between the three houses became the main link between the residential part of the house and the surrounding nature.

The first brick cube is given to the needs of the younger generation. There is a game room on its ground floor, and three separate children’s rooms on the second floor. Central single building has become a spacious kitchen. In the third house there is a master bedroom on the garden level,  and there is a studio for creativity on the second floor with high ceilings.

Internal terraces have panoramic windows. They are open to the warm Spanish sunshine during a large part of the year.

The walls inside the red brick houses are painted in neutral white, and windows, as well as glass doors, are framed with wooden frames.

A special geothermal system is installed under the house, allowing the use of low ground temperature to cool the air in the house. This energy-saving system helps not only to avoid the dry air, the main disadvantage of using air conditioners, but also take care of the environment.

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