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Structured BlackWhite Residence

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Structured BlackWhite Residence was renovated by David Jameson Architect. The glazed house has an open design built around an “Acropolis”. The residence is made of contrasting black and white materials. The black framing of glazed walls and windows contrasts with the white base and interior walls.

Structured BlackWhite Residence

The structure of the residence is pretty conceptual:

Inhabiting the masonry shell of an existing house, this project engages the phenomenon of ruins and explores the idea of aperture. The design program called for renovating the main level and adding a second level with a significantly smaller footprint. Alluding to the Acropolis, four modern glass temples emerge from a white stucco plinth as volumes of light and define space between each other. These volumes of light are stitched together by a circulation core sheathed in black that extends to cradle each space. The volumes are instruments of light, gathering natural light to the interior during the day and glowing in the landscape at night.

According to the description the BlackWhite residence features four glass temples in modern sleek style that allow the surrounding views and natural light in. At night the glazed structures gleam with internal lights providing beautiful view of the residence itself.

BlackWhite residence bears a slight resemblance to another project by David Jameson Architect Barcode House with transparent walls and black framing.

The transparent walls and small windows are all around the house. Solid parts of the residence are located at the main level while glass temples are towering over it and landscape. The house is surrounded with natural sights with trees, lawns and greenery.

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