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Reconstructed Chateau in Burgundy

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Two Dutch designers reconstructed a chateau in Burgundy, trying to preserve its historical appearance, but the interior still got a modern design. In order to find harmony in life, Johan Bouman and Pieter Franssens had to move from Holland to Burgundy.

Reconstructed Château de la Resle in Burgundy

Château de la Resle in Burgundy

Château de la Resle in Burgundy

By purchasing here Château de la Resle, the spacious two-story building, leading its history back to the XVII century, they found the house and field for design experiments, and a small business.

Chateau required restoration at the time of purchase, and the Dutch took it with all reverence. As they say, the house is the foundation of all, and they wanted to keep it in its original form. It’s a question of respect for its history, character and architectural features.

After establishing the historical French sheath, the new owners designed the interior in a typical spirit for Dutch: quite strict design, modern designer furniture, and walls of rich, dark colors. To find the right shades, the room had to be completely repainted three times. They were looking for a color that will work well with natural light.

The designers had to rearrange furniture many times. They moved things until they were sure that they are in harmony with each other and flood the interior with the correct energy.

In addition to the furniture (many of the items here are from the limited gallery collections), each room has art objects, which were selected by principles of the national color. For example, the portraits of Marie-Cecile Thijs, built on the play of light and shadow, resemble Dutch paintings.

The owners say, that they bought the house solely for their own pleasure, but when the repair was finished, they realized that they should share this with someone else. At first, their guests were their friends and relatives, and now from April to September the chateau operates as the guest house.

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