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Bizarre Villa by Robert Oschatz

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An American architect Robert Oschatz has finished a project that he worked on for almost six years – Chenequa Residence villa on the lake on the western outskirts of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Oschatz specializes in the construction of private houses with bizarre forms made of natural materials. Chenequa Residence project was no exception.

Chenequa Residence Villa by Robert Oschatz

Chenequa Residence villa in Milwaukee, Wisconsin designed by Robert Oschatz

Chenequa Residence villa in Milwaukee, Wisconsin designed by Robert Oschatz

The house belongs to a big family. They had three requirements: natural materials, the maximum merge with the surrounding landscape and panoramic windows that have a view of the lake and the oak thicket around.

Villa of a complex architecture is more like a fantastic tower near the water. At first glance it seems very small but this impression is deceptive. The architect managed to fit a three-storey house into the landscape so that it could be hardly seen among trees.

The whole structure is made of glass, wood and stone. It consists of two residential floors with huge glazed split-level terraces and floor-to-ceiling windows and one underground floor, where there is a four car garage and barns. Due to this the house blends with the surrounding landscape, having become visually inconspicuous.

The center of the inner space has become a huge atrium and wooden spiral staircase around the natural stone column permeates the entire house.

The architect did not fill the interior with unnecessary details. The house turned out to be spacious and functional and thanks to huge windows and atrium it has natural lighting almost all day saving a lot of money on bills.

Robert Oschatz with his love for natural materials selected quartz stone and Canadian conifer pine tree for exterior and interior of the house. This creates the effect of a full merger of the house with its natural surroundings.

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