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House Rotating Around Its Axis

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A house looking like a spaceship is built in the suburbs of Lyon (France), which is continuously rotating to follow the sun. We must say that, despite the unusual image of the house, it is not so unique in its kind. Once the new typology was invented in France by Patrick Marsilli and is successfully realized by his company Domespace for already 26 years. During this time the company has built more than 200 houses.

Domespace: House Rotating Around Its Axis

House by Domespace

House by Domespace

First frame dome house appeared in 1988, and after four years it became rotating due to the idea to build a special rotational mechanism in its base. Today Domespace is represented on all continents – from hot Africa to the Arctic glaciers.

The shape of all the buildings Domespace differs from standard houses. Rounded buildings looking like a convex lens are quite compactly located on the site. The climatic features of the place and nature of the relief have no special significance. Fantastic accommodation can appear in a remote mountainous area, and on the territory of the usual summer cottage.

The design of the house is a complex organism, consisting of more than three thousand pieces. Plastic volume is based on a sturdy steel base with a built-in chain driven by an electric motor. With this device, the power of which is not great (3.4 Kw), the house can make a revolution around its axis by 320 degrees in just one minute. The speed and the rotation program can be easily adjusted. So, the house can be made to turn smoothly in any direction, using a special remote control.

Also it is easily possible to give such a task to make the building continuously and clearly follow the movement of the sun. This would provide the necessary lighting indoors and in addition collect the maximum amount of solar energy. The building movement occurs so neatly that tenants simply do not notice it.

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