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A ‘Design Award & Competition 2014

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The annual international competition A ‘Design Award & Competition, which covers the entire scope of design and architecture has announced its winners. The prizes in the contest A ‘Design Award & Competition were awarded in a variety of fields ranging from architecture, interior design, landscape design and industrial design to marketing.

Winners of A ‘Design Award & Competition

The Ring House in Saudi Arabia by MZ Architects

The Ring House in Saudi Arabia by MZ Architects 

This year, 758 works submitted from 77 countries were awarded in 74 different categories. The jury chose projects that differ not only by high quality and unique design, but also by an innovative approach to the problem and the application of modern technologies. The winners were awarded with platinum, gold, silver, bronze and iron awards. The laureates were invited to the awards ceremony in Italy, and also got the opportunity to participate in the exhibition called “The best projects of the year”.

In our review, we present the most interesting projects, winners in the categories “Architecture and Construction”, “Futuristic design” and “Landscape architecture”: it is a variety of objects, from “organic cities” and the giant skyscrapers of fantastic shapes surreal in appearance to universities, tiny shops and houses for meditation.

The Ring House, MZ Architects

The house is designed for the family of a young artist from Saudi Arabia. The main task of the architect was to isolate the residential building from the chaotic and noisy urban environment, to create a space for the customer’s life and work.

The result is a building consisting of a cylindrical volume, which is inscribed in a rectangle residential building accommodating all the necessary functions – bedroom, kitchen, spacious living room and workshop.

Graduate School of Technology and Management, Montenegro Architects

It is an academic building, located on the campus of the Polytechnic Institute in the city of Beja in Portugal. Uniqueness of the building is in a giant canopy over oblique entrance and garden. This is one of the largest concrete structures in the world that allows you to not only create a memorable and unusual image, but also solves such utilitarian tasks as accommodation of amphitheater and conference halls.

“Indigo” hotel in Hong Kong, Aedas

The hotel was built in Hong Kong. Is architecture was inspired by images of Asian and Chinese culture. Design of exterior finish of the building is based on the indicators of facades lighting. Visors, similar to “fins”, are mounted on the walls of brass, to protect the premises from direct sunlight, where it is necessary. As a result, the building resembles a fabulous Chinese dragon with scaly skin. The apotheosis of the creativity of the architects was the console of glass pool, located on the top of the hotel tower.

Center for Art and Media Library in Poland, Ingarden & Ewý Architects

“Art Garden” is located in southern Poland, among the old courtyards and streets of the historic Krakow. Architecture of the building is formed by zigzag geometry of the roof and abstract composition of facades made of vertical ceramic panels.

Family Center in northern Iran, Ali Alavi Design

“Family center” shop is located in northern Iran. Authors used typical for this region materials and forms. Sloping, broken surface of the walls are made entirely of wood. With limited space dimensions the architects managed to increase interior space due to the unusual shape of the building.

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