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AME-LOT Eco-Friendly Project by Malka Architecture

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Eco-friendly design concerns many but what about eco-friendly architecture? Stephane Malka from Malka Architecture has designed such project. To deal with overproduction and reuse of materials Malka suggests to use the ready-made products as materials for creating new things. AME-LOT is a “skin” for student housing located in Paris that will be wrapped around the building.

AME-LOT Eco-Friendly Project by Malka Architecture

Re-appropriation of materials is the key idea of this eco-friendly project. The building will be covered with wooden pallets featuring large openings. Assembled from different hued woods the pallets will give the structure an intricate pattern since they will be arranged differently creating various shapes and angles.

At first sight AME-LOT looks like it’s made of some kind of metal due to the wood pallets’ interesting color scheme. The style and arrangement of pallets is interesting and rather intricate. At some point they contract which allows some privacy and the openings allow the light in.

The AME-LOT project area will be 450 square meters and it will cost 290,000 Euros. The mission is to show that no structure was needed to be destroyed and with no additional finishes the project will utilize existing materials without producing any more damage to the environment.

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