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3 Ways To Decorate Old Tree Stumps In Garden

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Old tree stumps can become quite a nusance in the garden or a yard. They aren’t decorative and can be hard to remove requiring tools and strength. However, there are some ways of changing the look of old stumps and making them look more decorative.

Turning Old Tree Stumps Into Garden Decorations

Flower Bed

Ways To Decorate Old Tree Stumps In Garden: Flower Bed

A stump can become a great natural flower bed especially if it’s already hollow, all you have to do is fill it up with the soil and plant your greenery or flowers or even herbs into the stump. In case it’s not yet hollow you can use hammer and chisel to carve a hole in it thus creating a stump planting pot. To allow drainage you can break through the bark in the bottom of the stump or rather use a well draining soil or use some other tricks to allow drainage.

Choose a type of plant for your stump planter pot and make sure to provide it with all the necessary features like water and fertilizer. You can also plant flowers around the stump if you want to cover it up entirely and make the floral arrangement in the stump a centerpiece for your flower garden.

You can also simply plant the area around the stump if you don’t want to use it as planter with high perrenials. For safety’s sake, you could accentuate the stump with a creative sign or simply by adding a birds’ water well so you could see where the stump is.


Ways To Decorate Old Tree Stumps In Garden: Moss Cover

You can use the moss to cover up the uninviting look of the stump. It will be beautifully green or you can plant various kinds of moss to create a pattern of colors and textures. To grow moss on your stump it would have to be situated in a shady area as the mosses love shade and of course moist.

You can also cover other garden elements in moss such as big unattractive rocks or walkways. Moss is a great alternative to flowers and plants as it is low-maintenance and can live out of the sunlight.

To plant moss on a stump add a cup of buttermilk to the moss to help cultivate it. Make sure to spray water to help moss grow. Beside the moss you could use climbing plants to help cover up the unsightly stump. But make sure to safely indicate the stump with some accessory that will prevent stumbling upon it later.


Ways To Decorate Old Tree Stumps In Garden: Base/Pedestal

If your stump is tall enough it could be used as a pedestal for bird water well or a planter pot. In case when you don’t want to or cannot work with hammer and chisel to create a planter pot out of a stump you could simply use it to elevate your flower or herb planter pot.

You can also create or find a tabletop and use the stump as a base for your garden table. If the location is convenient it could be your natural alfresco dining or simply a small eating area. Finished with some log stools or old repaired and repainted chairs the unfortunate stump can make for a nice outdoor living space.

Other creative ideas of turning a stump into a decorative element of the garden includes wood carving which can make beautiful wooden sculptures, small fairy homes and even a chair out of unsightly stumps. Some go for painting a picture or a certain pattern on a stump to accentuate and decorate it.

Of course, if a stump is located in high-traffic areas it can become a danger to the residents who walk around the garden so it is better removed.

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  1. Says:

    There may come a moment when you may have to get rid of a tree from ones back yard garden.
    That’s a obstacle but the bigger task is doing away with the tree stump that remains.
    It’s fundamental to eradicate it or else you’re going to attract pests to your back garden
    (and invariably your residence) so you need to contemplate your solutions for this.

  2. Joan Wilcox Says:

    iwhat a brilliant idea for using up an old tree stump and making it a decorative feature in the garden

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    What’s up to every single one, it’s actually a fastidious for me to pay a quick visit this site, it
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  4. C. Allen Says:

    In my line of work, stumps are an eyesore. Nice to see people getting creative with their landscape

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