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Spring Landscaping Ideas

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Spring landscaping allows not only enjoy the first warm days but also plan your landscape for fall. Picking the seeds and bulbs and considering your future lawn is important during early spring. Flowering trees can make a beautiful view from your window. It is important to plant them during warmer season to let them set the roots and avoid cold damaging them. So the next spring you will already have a beautiful blooming tree outside your house. If you want flowers to bloom in spring prepare to plant them this fall to get the blooms next spring.

Spring Landscaping Ideas

The shrubs are a popular addition to the spring landscape. You can choose flowering shrubs that will give both green and blooming look at various times of season. Such low-maintenance plants as cacti can also be incorporated to your lawn if you don’t have much time to spend gardening.

Your spring landscape can be completed with such additions as waterfall or a fountain. Their location should be planned carefully especially that of a waterfall. It should be located away from plants and trees as petals and leaves can block the pump. The waterfall requires a pond as the base but it can be decorated with water lilies and lotus plants.

Flower bed can make a great addition to your lawn. Combining annual and perennial plants of various hues you can create a unique flower bed in your spring landscape. Flower bed should be carefully planned and prepared in months before spring planting. The flower beds can decorate your front yard. Place them along the walk path, porch or mailbox.

Picket fence adds charm to your yard. It also protects the trees and plants as well as demarcates the garden from other trees and gardens. You can place your flower beds along the fence and they will be protected.

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    Nice article and thank you for sharing. A great way to avoid a lackluster spring is to cultivate your plants during the winter inside your home. You can use egg cartons to plant seeds or bulbs and transplant them into small pots or the ground when the spring frost is over.

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