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Japanese Small Garden Designs

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The Japanese Gardening is famous for it’s unique aesthetics, that sets one’s mind at rest. However, few people know that Japanese garden differ by their purpose. The focus of this article is on the principles of the small Japanese garden designs. So expect to get fully equipped to build your own miniature Japanese garden.


The Best Japanese Small Garden Ideas

The Small Japanese garden, also known as Tsubo-Niwa, had originated around X century. The idea of the Tsubo-Niwa garden is a private little garden somewhere near the house. It is a green extension of the living environment that provides serenity and privacy. Later on, merchants developed a new version of small gardening, placing them in front of the store. These were ripped of their privacy, but gave a soothing and calming effect to the customers, attracting them to the store.

The most famous city that features small Japanese gardens is Kyoto, Japan, because it displays a great diversity and enthusiasm in small gardening. The traditional accommodation of Tsubo-Niwa is the corner or the rear of one’s house, but can be suited on the roofs and terraces.

The ultimate small garden designs should pose the general Japanese garden attributes, such as traditional ornaments, rocks, and of course greenery. The Japanese gardens are a blend of philosophy and design, so small territory of the garden should allow you to feel the space and place all the elements of the garden appropriately. An important aspect of garden is water and stone. As for greenery, it is common to use the shade tolerant plant. When choosing the components of the garden it is important to consider the environment that surrounds you, the climate and the natural trees.

The ornaments should serve the natural purpose, for instance, a water bowl, or a stone lantern, or even a bench. It is important to allow the ornaments to fit in perfectly, so that it won’t distract one’s attention but rather complement the whole view. With a tiny space provided, you can also make a miniature of a large space, using the gravel, small stones and petite trees.

However, the most important is having the deep bond between yourself and the small garden, because it is for your purposes after all.

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