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Unusual Flower Bed Ideas

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Flower beds add very much to a garden style. They also function as bright accents that immediately increase curb appeal. Unusual flower bed can be created in various ways. Opt for an unconventional shape rather than round or square and it will immediately make your flower bed stand out.

Unusual Flower Bed Ideas

Flower Bed Shape

An unusual flower bed shape can add a special touch to a conventional flower bed. Estimate the size of the future flower bed and with help of stones outline the shape. It can be hexagonal, triangular,or polygonal. There are almost no limits. Use flowers and plants of different colors to accentuate the shape or depict something.

Flower Bed Frame

Create an unusual flower bed with an unexpected frame. Instead of stones opt for old discarded stuff that can function as a flower bed. Raised flower beds can be planted into the decorative outdoor planters and pots. Old furniture or decorations can make for unusual flower beds.

Flower Patterns

Planting flowers by color to create a pattern will definitely make the conventional flower bed look unusual. Think about a pattern you want to create and use a string or outline to plant the flowers exactly as you need them.

Unusual Flower Bed Ideas:

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