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Building Flower Bed on Budget

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You need few tools to build a flower bed. It comes in handy when your budget is limited and you want a beautiful lawns with colorful splashes here and there. What you will have to invest in abundance is time and care. Since seeds are cheaper than the grown flowers that give you an immediate result you will have to wait until your seeds grow into plants and blossom but meanwhile you will have to care for them. Before building a flower bed you should pick a place where you want it to be. Remember that the place defines what kind of flowers you will plant. If the area is shady you will need shade loving flowers and so on. You will also need to know your hardiness zone to determine which flowers to choose so that they survived winter.

Building Flower Beds on Budget

Choose Shape

After you picked a location it’s time to determine the shape of your flower bed. It can be of any geometric shape but it can also stretch along the pathway that leads to the house whether from the front yard or the garden. You can also decorate your lawn by placing several flower beds in the center of under the windows of your house.

Test Soil

So you’ve chosen a shape and now need to test your soil in order to start planting your flowers. Demarcate the area where your future flower bed will sit in its shape. You can do it with stakes or rope. Remove the grass with sod cutter and start trenching around the borders of your future flower bed. Now dig as deep as you need to plant flowers and test the soil. You can do this by using a soil test kit or taking a sample to a county extension office of your area.

Prepare Soil

Before planting your flowers you need to prepare the soil to make sure it’s proper for harboring plants and let them grow. The hard soil needs sand or other absorbing materials for better drainage. To make the soil retain water better in case it’s sandy, add peat moss or compost. Prepare the soil according with your soil test to make it proper for planting.

Building Flower Beds on Budget

Plant flowers

The soil should be loosened so you can rake it, break down hard lumps and do not tamp the bottom of the hole where you’re going to plant the flowers. Before planting the seeds read the packaging carefully. It usually has the growing info and sowing recommendations. You can grow flowers in containers first to transplant them to the soil when they are strong enough or you can grow them right from the beds.

Flower Bed Edging

Edging of the flower bed allows to define its shape and landscape. There are many edging options from ready molded ones from using ready mix concrete concrete to plastic to DIY-stone edging. For this you need some decorative stones or bricks that you can buy in a garden center. Just layer them around the flower bed to form the edge. You can also approach it creatively and use some old things for edging like a bed carcass or an old bottomless basket. Edging should be installed carefully not to damage the flowers.

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