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Balcony Garden Design Ideas

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Balcony is a great place for creating a garden. Even if it’s ‘small its rails can serve as a trellis for crawling plants or a platform for small planters. Before creating a balcony garden though make sure it complies with the rules of the apartment complex. Also be aware of weight restrictions of your balcony as a safety precaution.

Balcony Garden Design Tips:

Balcony Garden Design Ideas

Start with planning your garden. What plants to grow, which planters to use and how to arrange them. Choose plants according to the balcony sunlight exposure. Think about the water drain from the plants to avoid water leak that may damage the balcony floors.

A tree can add volume to your balcony garden. Of course, it should be under the allowed weight. Add just a few more plants to it or it can stand there on its own. Use the walls of your balcony, if any, to install trellises and grow crawling plants.

Balcony Garden Design Ideas

Big balconies often enjoy privacy bushes but even smaller plants can provide balconies with privacy especially the crawling plants. Add decorations to your balcony garden to create a nice atmosphere especially if you are going to place a seating area there. Decorate with string lights and figurines and other accessories.

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