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Fedor Van der Valk’s String Gardens

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What can be more beautiful than hanging flowers? Well, it’s particularly unusual and definitely quiet beautiful if you take a look at Fedor Van der Valk’s String Gardens. Fedor Van der Valk has created these natural plant pots that can be hung with the flowers and plants in them. They look natural as part of the plant or flower itself and this is a big part of their charm.

Fedor Van der Valk's String Gardens

Fedor Van der Valk said:

For a while I wanted to make animated videos with crocheted landscapes which were a kind of 3-dimensional spider webs covered in moss and grass. The idea was to create bonsai-esque plants. To keep the landscapes really airy, I decided to work with hanging plants.

The most difficult part was to find the proper soil for each plant. So if you want to create absolutely natural hanging gardens at your house it has become possible with Fedor Van der Valk’s String Gardens. You can also hang only one or two flowers and they will still look beautiful.

The string that helps hang the flower or plant on the ceiling is the only unnatural thing used in it. Besides you don’t need much space to get your own indoor garden. The regular plant pots can occupy half of the floor in the room while the hanging plants can be hung at different length and in abundance.

Fedor Van der Valk provides the watering instructions for String Gardens. He advises to water the pots when they are dry and light as cork. Put the base into the bowl of water and hold it under till the air bubbles stop. Hang the pot back above the bowl till all the water excess drips back.

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  1. Michael Says:

    How or where can can the string potted plants be purchased. Are they available for outdoor planting. I have a chain link fence that I would like to disguise and your product could be the answer.

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