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How to Grow an Indoor Garden

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An outdoor garden is subjected to laws of nature more than to human powers. But an indoor garden is purely in our hands and depends on our desires, whether we choose tropical plants or Japanese sakura. Thus the design of an indoor garden provides ample opportunities for imagination and experimentation.

Basic Rules of Growing Indoor Garden

Tropical indoor garden

Tropical indoor garden

If your apartment is spacious enough, it is possible to pick out a dedicated area for your indoor garden. Typically for this purpose people equip niches, use translucent partitions and provide the space with the additional lighting, heating and ventilation. The result is a mini-greenhouse inside the room.

There are a few rules for properly creating a cozy environment for an indoor garden in the apartment:

1. Plants must be grouped on the basis of their preference in watering and humidity. For example , do not grow cacti and moisture-loving tropical plants in the same place.

2 . Basic rules of phytodesign:

– low and wide plants are perfectly combined with high and slender ones, large-leaved – with small-leaved , light green – with dark green;

– put a tall plant in the background, and a low one – in the front;

– plants look better on a light background.

3 . Sprawling bulk plants with delicate leaves will visually enlarge the room.

Tall plants, standing on the floor, will visually raise the ceiling, while sprawling ones will visually lower it.

4 . A beautiful plant is able to refine the most modest interior. And you can vastly increase attractiveness of your indoor garden using additional illumination.

5 . In order to provide the necessary humidity for moisture-loving plants, you can use a constantly running fountain, as well as to adapt garden equipment for regular spraying.

6. Vegetative composition may be supplemented with cute decorative figurines.

7. Choose undemanding plants that do not need a lot of sunlight.

Garden in the living room

Garden in the living room 

If you follow these rules, your indoor garden will always evoke positive emotions.

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