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Winter Gardening Tips

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Winter is coming so if you keep a garden these winter gardening tips may prove useful. The winter is the season to let plants go dormant but with the attention and care. It’s also a period for planning your garden out. Take a look at some basic winter gardening tips:

Winter Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips: Winter

Water When Soil Isn’t Frozen

When the soil isn’t frozen the plants can still be watered especially the evegreens which will need the water through the winter. If you need the soil to be warmer and protected use a raised bed.

Prune Trees & Shrubs

Pruning dead branches and wood in winter while trees are dormant will help not only increase tree growth but will also help prevent bleeding. It’s is especially important for certain trees that can bleed extensively when pruned at the wrong time.

Mulch Before Soil Freezes

Mulching before the soil freezes will help protect it from cold and keep the temperature stable. Use organic mulch material to provide your plants with nutrients. Think pine needles, sawdust, hardwood chips or bark, and other.

Protect Perennials And Other Plans

Protecting tender plants in winter is crucial to their survival. Wrap the planters in frost cloth or treat the plants for insects and bring them into the house providing enough light exposure.

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