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House with Vertical Garden by Aamer Architects

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Aamer Architects completed construction of Garden Villa, a modern private house in Singapore, hidden under a magnificent tropical vertical garden. Aamer Taher, Aamer Architects’ founder has built two identical houses similar to the new Garden Villa project 8 years ago. They all have gardens, under which the house can be seen.

Vertical Garden of Garden Villa by Aamer Architects

One of the houses is owned by a local businessman, the second one was constructed  for his sons. 8 years later he again turned to the architect with a request to build a third similar house with gardens, pond and swimming pool on the roof.

Garden Villa by Aamer Architects

Garden Villa by Aamer Architects

The architect was inspired by the client’s addiction to gardening and this love for the plant world is reflected in the indoor and outdoor spaces of the house, surrounded by lush vertically growing gardens. As an addition to the garden the architect used natural materials for construction of the villa: wood, marble and granite.


Garden Villa, stairs

According to Aamer, he intended to design a new house, similar to the previous two, but in a different way. The client wanted a garden courtyard and a pond. Therefore, the pool is located on the roof, overlooking the house and nearby two-storey bungalows.

Garden Villa, bottom of the pool

Garden Villa, bottom of the pool

You can see the bottom of the pool from the first floor through a glass window. Water is reflected in the architecture and creates unusual dreamy atmosphere.

In the first two houses there are trees growing through the wooden balconies. In the third house the architect used vines that curl up on the vertical wooden trellis to the rooftop pool. Even the bathrooms are covered by gardens with lush flora and fauna: birds and butterflies are creating an atmosphere of true vertical garden.

Garden courtyard and pond

Garden courtyard and pond

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