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Outdoor Water Features: Pond

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Pond is a beautiful water feature and can significantly increase your outdoor appeal. Pond is a small shallow water well that includes living organisms, algae, plants, and sometimes fish. There are also a few types of ponds as well as there are various shapes and forms.

Pond In Outdoors

Outdoor Water Features: Pond

To build a pond you’ll need a step-by-step guide, a shovel, rubber lining, stones and rocks for outlining the borders and creating a waterfall and a pump. Choosing the location for your pond is important. A perfect pond location can be determined by the following factors:

  • a view of the pond,
  • sun exposure, amount of shade (for plants),
  • type of soil (for better drainage) and other.

A pond should be located at the point where you could see it from the house or at least from the deck. It should not be built on the sloping areas for obvious reasons.

Ponds also require high maintenance especially if they are habitat for fish. If you don’t want a fish pond you could plant some lillies and other plants to create a water garden. Though of course, some of those plants might also require your time and effort.

Outdoor Water Features: Pond

Besides decorative fish ponds and water gardens the ponds can be used for irrigation, water retention and, of course, swimming. Swimming ponds are a great combination of the two water features, a pool and a pond. It’s also both practical and decorative as you can enjoy the greenery, water and the overall view in your backyard or garden.

Ponds don’t have to be strictly natural-looking as they can be designed to have stone walls (like regular swimming pools) and in different geometric shapes. This kind of ponds makes for a more formal look and can be seen in luxurious estates and public spaces but can also benefit a modern house.

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