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Some Ideas to Decorate Garden for Winter

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We continue discussing redecoration of your outdoors for winter. Let’s move from porch to the garden and explore some ideas on decorating your garden for winter season.

To Decorate or Not to Decorate?

Most people just empty the garden and leave it so till spring. I can understand that, because Mother Nature will decorate the garden with billions snowflakes shining like diamonds in winter sun. And it will look magnificent without any effort from your side. Though, you may do a couple of things for even more impressive look.

Playground from Snow

Playground from Snow

Snow Fortress

Have you ever played in a snow fortress? Your children shouldn’t be deprived of excitement from being captains and kings of a real snow castle. You may enjoy it yourself as well, if you still feel yourself a child. Usually, any kind of building from snow requires skills and much patience. If you don’t feel like spending several hours on snow building, you can make a carcass for a fortress wall before the first snow comes.

Materials that fit best and are easiest to find are wood and cardboard. First, you make a wooden fence of any height you want. Remember that it should be standing firmly on the ground. Otherwise, the whole construction will be ruined before the first fortress captain arrives. In order to give more volume to carcass, you can cover it with cardboard. Now you just wait for a good snowfall. Snow will cover the carcass and you have the last task to do. You need to pour the snow layer accurately with water. At night frost will make an ice stronghold that will last till the very spring. Just repeat the part with water after every new snowfall.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Winter Illumination

Another idea of winter outdoor decoration is illumination. If you have fountains or other constructions in your garden you definitely should spruce them up with lights. If you want something extraordinarily beautiful – soft colorful light and snow is a breathtaking combination. I’m sure you are going to spend much more time beside windows that face your garden since you set illumination. Because this is going to be one of the most beautiful things to contemplate.

I suppose, these ideas are very easy to realize. But you will remember your winter garden for a very long time, thanks to them. Do you still consider there is no use to decorate the garden for winter?

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