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Rooftop Terrace/Deck Design Ideas

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A rooftop terrace/deck is an ultimate outdoor space since it does not only provide beautiful views but can also serve as an urban garden. A rooftop deck is quite a luxury but if you have your own house in an urban setting without a garden or a spacious courtyard it can become a great addition and serve as an ultimate entertainment and lounge area with greenery to jazz it up.

Designing Rooftop Deck

Rooftop Terrace/Deck Design Ideas

Choose Material

Solid wood is the best option for any deck. Why? It’s natural, sturdy and with some appropriate maintenance will last for years. Choose between cedar, redwood, mahogany, pine, or Cypress wood. Wooden finish also brings warmth to the look and it is simply aesthetically pleasing.

Sun Awning

Since it’s an open space a rootop deck or terrace should have some protection from the sun especially in summers. Opt for a pergola for a more dramatic effect or a light canopy for easy installation and removal. You can also place an umbrella over the sitting/eating area to create a shady place to enjoy the outdoors from.


Decorating the deck is easy. Potted plants and trees and flower beds are ultimate accessories. But you can also go for creative furniture, decorations like floor vases and lanterns and other such items.

Bringing fire or water feature to the rooftop deck can also act as an ultimate decoration and even a focal point. Think fire pit or a small fountain. Also make sure to invest in good outdoor lighting as it can bring a lot of character to the deck/terrace but it should also withstand the environment. Lanterns and floor lamps add a lot of charm and style to the outdoor spaces like decks and terraces. Also a rug can bring the indoors’ warmth to the area, just be sure to remove it when the weather is wet and cold or too hot (as the rug color can fade).

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