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Ocean-Inspired Interior Design

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Ocean is a great inspiration source for designers. There has been many beautiful things created inspired by an ocean, sea water, its life form and beauty. When you think of sea and ocean theme in interior design blue color scheme might be the first thing that comes to mind but there are many other aspects you can focus on. Seashell accessories and decorations, ship parts, and stripes as well as all other ocean and sea attributes can carry the vibe of the ocean into your interior.

Blue Color

Ocean-Inspired Interior Design

Blue color-scheme is a sure way to bring in some aquatic atmosphere to your interior design. Deep blue and white can make great contrast, while azure blue will add electric shine to your color scheme. Ocean-inspired prints can feature such ornaments as waves, stripes, coral reefs and seaweed. These can be used as accents in throw pillows, furniture upholstery and wall coverings.

Ocean-Inspired Accessories

Ocean-Inspired Interior Design

Ocean-inspired accessories can include seashells as decorations in vases, candle holders and jewel boxes; coral-shaped lighting, and furniture shaped as a sea ship or one of its parts. You can also find some ocean-inspired statues and accessories.


Ocean-Inspired Interior Design

If you have a budget that allows you to play with the structure of your house or apartment you could incorporate some ocean-inspired elements into your interior like round windows, wave-shaped installations or anything ocean-inspired that comes to mind.

Ocean theme can be great in the kids room as children love to play pirates, sailors and treasure hunters. The Pirare Ship Kid’s Room is a great example of such room design although you can go with more budget-wise variants that include wall art, sea-themed furniture or bed linens and decorations and toys.

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