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12 Jewelry Storage Ideas

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Today, designers offer a lot of decent options for storing jewelry. We have chosen jewelry storage accessories, which can be purchased in various online stores. Some of these accessories are replicas of items, produced in the 20-30 years of past century for American stars. Other accessories are graceful little things in the spirit of Shabby-chic, which is in trends today. With such methods of storing your favorite jewelry will turn into a kind of collection with a touch of gentility.

12 Vintage Racks and Displays for Jewelry Storage

Glass Cloche jewelry storage

Glass Cloche jewelry storage

So, if you are inspired by the idea of ​​creating a corner for your favorite jewelry in retro style, consider some charming vintage options, which we offer in this article.

Mini dummies for jewelry is a real hit, causing delight among most fans of retro. If you enjoy the style of Hollywood stars, look at the spectacular materials: mother of pearl, glass, silver, aged metal. Usually they are used for making racks, boxes and trays for small items. Displays of wood will add a touch of country style. Shabby-chic connoisseurs will like racks of wrought metal.

You can purchase a sculpted and forged rack for jewelry. There are also vintage displays, and boxes of glass in a metal frame in old-Arabic or glamorous American variants.

If the main thing for you is not a luxury look, but a charm of “antique” items, pay attention to handmade products, which represent a symbiosis of European flea market shops and stores with unique handmade designer things.

Trees and birdcages, flowers and hearts look unusually sentimental and add a touch of old romance. As for jewelry, such racks will be appropriate for inexpensive, but elegant works.

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