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5 Unusual Flooring Types

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Sometimes, to renovate the interior, it is not necessary to do a major overhaul. Floor sets the mood throughout the room. And changing the flooring may be the only necessary step for its radical transformation. We have chosen five of the most original ideas from designers and architects.

5 Unusual Flooring Types for Home Interior

Aquamarine laminate

Aquamarine laminate

Aquamarine laminate

In combination with white walls this floor creates a relaxing atmosphere: it lets the thoughts fly away to the emerald lagoons and shady beaches. Such coverage will also go well with dark or black walls, especially in an apartment or house, decorated in vintage style.

Flooring of logs

If you like everything that is natural, then this floor will be ideal for you. It will look perfect in an apartment or a house with lots of mirrors, glass and windows; it will be suitable for both dark and light walls. This type of flooring is eco-friendly and easy to clean.

Tile and wood

Hexagonal tiles looks like it spilled on the wooden floor. It creates a weightless little “northern” atmosphere. This flooring will be practical solution to the problem of quickly spoiled dining spaces: a tile is easy to care for.


Standing on the floor of pebbles you’ll forget that you are in the urban jungle, and will be translated to the wild nature with its fast-flowing rivers and rocks. Cemented stones and pebbles will especially fit into the bathroom, and will serve as an excellent “rug” in the hallway.


Silver or copper floor? It is easier than it seems. Because in fact, it’s not even the floor, but a scattering of coins. This aesthetically pleasing and affordable flooring will fit in almost any style in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

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