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How to Design Winter Porch

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Front porch probably is the most unwelcoming place in winter. It is empty and frozen. It hardly reminds warm and inviting place you enjoyed a couple months ago. Though, true interiorholic doesn’t see any reasons why it should stay so.

Porch Decorated for Christmas

Porch Decorated for Christmas

Winter is Coming

Those who have already seen the first snow this year had taken all furniture and decorations from their porches inside the house. So, it’s high time to spruce up your porch for cold and snow. Believe me it can look friendly and attractive even in January.

Plastic Panels

Visit a hardware store. There you can find plastic panels to cover the porch. They will protect the porch from wind and snow. They are quite easy to manage and don’t require any special care. Another advantage of plastic panels is their waterproof qualities. Nowadays it’s also possible to find frost-resistant plastic, which is a bit more expensive than the usual one but can be used longer than for one season.

Winter Decor Accessories

Winter Decor Accessories


Plastic panels do not provide any warmth. But this purpose is also possible to reach. Those who go in for winter hunting and live in forest huts are acquainted with small portable ovens. They give enough warmth for quite a big area. Some modifications allow for cooking. What do you think about inviting family for a winter barbecue?

For those, who is on a smaller budget there is a good DIY idea for an oven. At any private residence it’s possible to find a big metal barrel. If you don’t use it for garden works in summer, it may serve wonderful as an oven. Cut off its top in order to accustom the barrel for indoor use. A small trick to keep heat for longer time is wrapping the barrel into gauze. Just put stones between barrel and gauze then. And don’t forget to make some basement from fireproof materials like bricks or stones before making fire in this barrel.


For a barbecue you will also need a table and some chairs. It is quite obvious how to place a table at the winter porch. But even your wonderful portable oven can’t overcome particularly cold winter evenings. It is not a good idea to bring any arm chairs outside because they don’t last long in such severe weather conditions. Wooden or plastic chairs will do. Soft creative cushions and warm blankets can solve this problem as well. Also they serve as a lovely individual decoration for your winter porch.

Winter Greenery

The most popular summer decoration for any porch is flowers. And you shouldn’t refuse enjoying greenery in winter. Consider buying decorative fir trees or juniper to place them in pots at their porch. These green trees will create lively atmosphere that will instantly raise your spirit. Allow them to bring freshness to winter atmosphere at your porch.

Heather can grow in a flower pot. It is sold in all greenery stores since the beginning of October. It will decorate your porch till the first warm days of spring. Spruce it up with fir tree branches for a more interesting look.



Bring some DIY things to decorate the winter porch. You can choose any winter holiday as a theme for inspiration – snowman, Christmas angels, snowflakes, decorated Christmas tree, elves and reindeer figures. Or you can choose something related to winter activities, for example, a pair of ice-skating shoes or a miniature model of skiing can be applied as a wall hanging.

Voila! Your winter porch welcomes you every time you come home. Now you can enjoy fresh winter air sitting outside while eating delicious barbecue.

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