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Feel Seating System Deluxe by Amini Causa

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This certainly pleasant furniture will fit at home, office or in kid’s room. Interesting design of this furniture will put an accent in your interior. Thanks to its simplicty Feel Deluxe can easily be placed anywhere and at the same time its complex structure shows its owner as a creative person.

Adorable Furniture by Amini Causa

Oslo Oera Theatre

Scene from the “Get Him to the Greek” movie

The Feel Deluxe is a coach or sofa or bed made of 120 balls 20 centimeters in diameter each. Dimensions of the full piece are 220×180 cm. Balls are made of 100% foam and covered with special stretching fabric. The seating system was designed to feel and adapt to every small change of the body position. So you can completely relax no matter what you do – sit or lay down and sleep. Use it as a sofa to relax with your family or friends or as a bed for two or as a lounge couch for one!

It is available in four colors: red, blue, brown and grey. Creators of the “Get Him to the Greek” movie picked up the brown one for the scene where Russell Brand’s character’s sitting in the music studio’s office. It is also loved by the leading architects, interior designers and best design magazines.

The Feel Seating System Deluxe was made by Sarit and Amit Axelrod who are also owners of the Amini Causa online shop, where you can buy as they say “a lot of unique and modern products designed for various purposes, from spicing up your room to turning your home and office into something more”. The Feel Deluxe is also available on their web-store and has become their favorite item. It costs $7,950.00 but manufactures offer free worldwide shipping.

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