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Half Painted Wall Ideas & Tips

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Half painted walls may seem outdated but there are so many ways to do them in a modern stylish way it’s incredible that we don’t see more of them in today’s interior designs. A popular painting style for bathrooms and powder rooms it can look good in virtually any room if done right.

Half Painted Wall Ideas

Half painted tiled wall

Half painted walls don’t have to be boring and institutional-like. You can bring a new touch to your half painted walls by defying the perfectly straight lines and finish however you want. You can also paint two-hirds of the walls insteead of dividing them in half or you can paint them vertically rather than horizontally. Painting a few lines here and there can also add a dynamic to your walls and decorate them.

You can also use tiles and panels of various materials instead of familiar molding at the lower part of the walls. As you can see it looks amazing.

Half Painted Wall Tips

The half painted walls aren’t only for aesthetics. They can be practical as well. For instance, the kid’s room can be painted half dark to avoid visible stains on the walls. The same can be done with tiles in the kitchen. Half tiled and half painted wall is a practical solution to grease stains that are much easier to wipe off the tiles.

Color combination is very important in half painted walls. You don’t want your room to look like a hospital or something. Choose the colors that work best together and also pay attention to undertones. Don’t go for blueish white and blue or bluish green, instead opt for cream and yellowish green or turquoise.

If you are commited to making perfectly divided color blocks then be sure to apply the paint tape as evenly as possible. You don’t want to re-do all the jobs once it’s finished.

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