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Porch Remodeling Ideas

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Porch is considered to be a part of outdoors but some porches have a beautiful decor that implies home appeal. Repaint the porch and it already looks fresh and clean, change the paint color and the impact is more intense. But there are also many other ways and ideas of remodeling the porch.

Porch Remodeling Ideas

Screened Porch

A screened porch has its own special appeal. There is plenty of natural light, there are landscape views but there is also a part of homely appeal in the loungers, soft sofas and cozy armchairs.

Add Curtains

If the house features columns without any fences and screens the porch may use some privacy. The curtains can provide privacy as well as decorate the porch adding some mystery and different style to the porch design.


If porch is regularly used but lacks lighting a floor lamp can save the day as well as moved inside if necessary. Outdoor pendant lights can also add charm to the porch and create a cozy atmosphere.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can also make an impact in terms of the porch design adding creativity and special appeal to it. The old or plain outdoor furniture may use a makeover.


Accessories can always add depth to the design from bright throw pillows to beautiful vases and flower pots. Many people use the porch space as a garden alternative which is both functional and decorative.

A firepit can also add warmth and style to the porch. It can be very much functional if the porch is open and the evenings are cool.

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