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Cool Kitchen Gadgets

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There are tons of kitchen gadgets out there. Some are super functional others were made to make out life more fun. Steam cookers, multipurpose knives and corn strippers won surprise us but it’s the design that took the priority in creating cool kitchen gadgets. Now you can find many familiar objects and gadgets that you use in your kitchen every day with unconventional design solutions.

Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Almost all gadgets will fit into your kitchen as long as they harmonize in color and texture with your kitchen interior design. Funny and interesting gadgets will not only serve their functions but also will help you jazz up your decor a little.

Cool transparent glass toaster is just what you need for a high-tech style kitchen. It’s not only stylish and futuristic but it also allows you to see and control the level of toasting. If you are a sci-fi fan then a Star Wars toaster will burn Darth Vayder’s face on your bread. The space invader cutting-board will express your preferences and taste. Check out all cool kitchen gadgets below.

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Mona Liz

I am an interior design and fashion enthusiast with a passion for writing, gathering up interesting/alternative home design ideas. I love lofts, canopy beds, fluffy throws and rugs, but also cats, food, and video games.
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7 Responses to “Cool Kitchen Gadgets”
  1. Scotty Rye Says:

    Fantastic writing. Looking forward to more.

  2. maria jose Says:

    Wow !All the gadgets are really very useful in kitchen.These wonderful gadgets help you to save your time and also you seems so easy to cook.I really love to buy these gadgets.

  3. emy Says:

    what’s the red swan-like gadget supposed to be?
    pretty much confusing

  4. Arty Says:

    The red swan gadget is Adam Hammerman’s Cigno teapot.

  5. Townsend Says:

    The glass toaster is the “bomb”. I have been looking at a wrap that you can put around a grilled cheese or another potentially “sloppy” sandwich that will allow you to grill in the toaster. Pretty cool.

  6. redblack Says:

    wooww.. very helpfull gadgets on the kitchen.

  7. liza Says:

    amazing design very creative, i love it

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