2013 January

  • Privacy-Increasing Designs

    Wether at the office or the airport we sometimes just want to shut off from the world around us and be alone. Privacy designs created specifically for that purpose can give you just the feeling you need. (more…)

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  • Brooklyn Brownstone Apartment by Kelly Behun | STUDIO

    This curious Brooklyn Brownstone Apartment designed by Kelly Behun | STUDIO is full of interesting objects that give it a special appeal. (more…)

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  • Water Discus Hotel Project For Dubai

    Water Discus is a another underwater hotel project designed for Dubai, which is known for extravagant architecture. Though it would not be the first underwater hotel in the world Discus is claiming the world’s largest underwater hotel title. (Under) Water Discus Hotel

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  • Pop Up Lighting By Chen Bikovski

    Pop Up Lighting series by Chen Bikovski are made in the shape of the animals and work as pop up books. Pop Up Lighting

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  • ‘Pure White’ House Interior With Palm Trees

    ‘Pure white’ is a house designed by Susanna Cots. Taking name from the main color in its color scheme the ‘Pure White’ is an amazing modern abode with glass enclosure of two big palm trees.  ‘Pure White’ House With Enclosed Palm Trees

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  • Garden and House by Ryue Nishizawa

    Garden and House in Tokyo is an curious house designed by an architect Ryue Nishizawa. Quite a Mix: Garden and House

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  • Bunkie – Prefabricated Garden Guest House

    Designed in a collaboration between 608 Design and BLDG Workshop Bunkie is a prefabricated guest house that can be assembled in your garden. Garden Guest House

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  • 10 Designs Made Of Cork

    While cork maybe a great additional material to use as base but it can be amazing as a primary material as well. Designs Made Of Cork

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  • Metallic Surfaces: Crazycut Furniture by Phillips Collection

    Crazycut furniture series by Phillips Collection is covered with hand-cut stainless steel pieces that together make a puzzle. (more…)

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  • 10 Coolest Designs Made Of Cardboard

    Cardboard is a great eco-friendly material that can be used not only for packaging but for many other purposes. Coolest Designs Made Of Cardboard

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  • Living Partitions In Interior Design by Egue & Seta

    Designing an apartment in Spain Egue & Seta created a pair of incredible living partitions to divide different areas. Living Partitions In Interior Design

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  • 5 Amazing Planter Designs

    These are more than your regular planters pots. They are clever, multipurpose and simply unusual. Amazing Planter Designs

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  • Decorating Styles for Dressing Room

    Decorating Styles for Dressing Room

    Choose decorating style for your dressing room>>>

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  • Architectural Details

    Architectural Details

  • Budget-Friendly Decor: IKEA Catalogue 2013

    Budget-Friendly Decor: IKEA Catalogue 2013

    Take a look at some cool budget-friendly decor items>>>

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  • 5 Plant-Friendly Furniture Designs

    Continuing out theme plant-friendly design objects, here are some furniture designs that allow you to have a little green garden of your own in a small apartment. Plant-Friendly Furniture Designs

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  • 5 Plant-Friendly Lamp Designs

    Plants decorate and make our homes fresher and greener in more than one ways. Here are the five lamp designs that promote plant growth at home. Plant-Friendly Lamp Designs

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  • 5 Sofas That Transform Into Additional Bed

    Whether you want to catch some zzz’s during the day or house a guest for the night a transforming sofa that double as a bed can be a great space-saving solution for both. Sofas That Double As Bed

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  • Top 5 Cozy Chair Designs Just Right For Winter Evenings

    It’s the middle of the winter and all some of us want is some warmth. These five amazing and thoughtful chair designs might just be right for giving not only comfort but also warmth as you enjoy your favorite TV program or a book. Cozy Chair Designs For Winter

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