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10 Designs Made Of Cork

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While cork maybe a great additional material to use as base but it can be amazing as a primary material as well. Take a look at amazing designs made out of cork.

Cool Cork Designs

Pushpin Cork

10 Designs Made Of Cork

Pushpin Cork is a stool designed by Kenyon Yeh. Inspired by a pushpin the stool makes for a double-ended seat which can be flipped in a second for a wider seat or more stability.

Cork Links

10 Designs Made Of Cork

Cork links wall organizing system is a creation of a designer Brian Kelly who gave cork a completely different purpose. It’s not merely a covering material in Kelly’s design but it rather acts on its own supporting the whole system. Treated with a die-cut process the links in this wall organizer hold the objects thanks to a

Cork Lamp

10 Designs Made Of Cork

Cork Lamp by Ervilha Criativa is made of a Portuguese cork and is shaped as a little piggie. The lamp lets the light through the pig’s nose and from under the belly.

Cork Planter Bookends

10 Designs Made Of Cork

These cork bookends by Nicole Runde aren’t functional in only one way. Both of them include a pot inside. One is acting as a planter while the other one is used to hold pencils. Simply brilliant.

Chaise Longue

10 Designs Made Of Cork

This amazing lounge chair designed by Daniel Michalik is shaped like a wave and made entirely out of cork. It rocks slightly from side to side and front to back which creates a sense of floating.

Float by Benjamin Hubert

10 Designs Made Of Cork

Float is a series of pendant lights designed by Benjamin Hubert for Unique Copenhagen which lamp shades are made out of cork. Made of Portuguese agglomerate cork these lamps can be seen as sustainable as they were created out of waste that was produced during the manufacture of wine stoppers.


10 Designs Made Of Cork

Appo by Carlo Trevisani is a series of unusual wine stoppers that acts as a food and wine acourtment trays. These make fo ramazing and impressive wine party accessories.

What a Corker

10 Designs Made Of Cork

‘What a Corker’ by Daniel Schofield is a smooth round cork-framed pendant mirror.


10 Designs Made Of Cork

Pinha is a lamp base made of cork designed by Raw Edges Studio. It can be disassembled at any time and given the new shade made of different materials chosen by users themselves.

Luminaire Post

10 Designs Made Of Cork

Luminaire Post is a design by Vinícius Lopes Leite and Gabriela Kuniyoshi of Studio Ninho. Made of a recycled cork sheet and pine wood the lamp’s shade can be used as a small pin board.


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