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Dressing Room In Various Decorating Styles

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Designing a dressing room can be as demanding as any room. You have to choose a color scheme, decorating style, furnishings. So let’s talk about decorating a dressing room in various styles. To choose the right style for your dressing room think of the aesthetic that appeals to you the most and browse through these pictures to choose the style you like and get inspired to create your own dressing room design.

There are many styles to choose from but here are some of the easily achieved looks that are both appealing and practical.

Dressing Room Decorating Styles


Dressing Room In Various Decorating Styles

Boudoir style dressing room has a luxury vintage feel and a feminine romantic atmosphere of Old Hollywood glamour. Tufted pouffs, fainting couches, dressing tables and intricate mirrors are the characteristic elements of the boudoir. Blush pink colors and neutrals like white and cream are the main color for the boudoir style dressing room. Also think vintage furniture and luxury fabrics like silk.


Dressing Room In Various Decorating Styles

Contemporary dressing rooms or walk-in closets have clean lines and minimalist feel. The modern materials include metal, glass and polished woods. The furnishings are simple and functional and the color scheme is light or dark as well as can be enhanced with brighter colors. Go with minimal accessories and built-in lighting.

Shabby Chic

Dressing Room In Various Decorating Styles

Shabby chic dressing room also makes for a romantic and feminine appeal. Opt for sophisticated furnishings and mirrors in chapped paint and worn state. Floral tapestries will help complete the look.


Dressing Room In Various Decorating Styles

And finally, a traditional dressing room can be simply elegant thanks to the wooden furnishings and overall classic aesthetics. Go for subtle accessories and good quality carpeting and furniture. The color scheme can be neutral or you can opt for pastels to spruce up the design.

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  1. John Brougham Greaves Says:

    I have recently moved in to one bed room ground floor apartment with in this property is a “dressing room” ,7”9′ x 3”4′,narrow window opposite the door way at the other end of the room,the door opens in wards into the room,there is a “T cross “chrome hanging rail that stretches from one end of the room to the other end of the room ,I think this is unsightly and myself standing 5”4 the rail zt z height of 6” is not ideal,I am at a loss how I could redesign this room and utilise the space.any suggestions ideas would be most welcome ,cheers John

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