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5 Amazing Planter Designs

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These are more than your regular planters pots. They are clever, multipurpose and simply unusual. These planters feature gret concepts for growing and maintaining plants or they have an attractive unusual design that draws attention immediately.

Amazing Planter Designs

iGrow Planter

10 Amazing Planter Designs

iGrow Planter by Psychic Factory is a spill-proof smart planter that thanks to a special plate that allows to maintain the plant without overwatering it. The water is not poured onto the soil but the soil take the amount of water it needs gradually drying the plate.

Fluidity Dish Rack by DesignLibero

10 Amazing Planter Designs

Fluidity Dish Rack by DesignLibero doubles as a planter. It is design to catch the water from the dishes and feed it to the plants. The soil is contained in separate compartments so that it doesn’t contaminate the clean dishes.

Babylon by Ryan Taylor

10 Amazing Planter Designs

Babylon is a lighting fixture with a built-in planter designed by Ryan Taylor. It adds both decorative touch and function to the kitchen providing light as well as the small garden of fresh herbs. Made of aluminum Babylon looks like a green island in the air adding an amazing detail to the decor.

Golly Pods

10 Amazing Planter Designs

These unusual planter pods were designed by Tend in collaboration with the designer Jason Lane. Looking quite futuristic Golly Pods stand on a medium length base that elevate the plants away from the floor. These are just the right accessory to the futuristic style home.

Mister Moss Orbs

10 Amazing Planter Designs

Hanging gardens are always drawing attention. They add more presence in the house becoming a focal point in their own right. These planter orbs by company called Mister Moss are similar to Fedor Van der Valk’s String Gardens. Made from natural material the hanging planters should be watered by dipping them into the bucket of water.

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