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Amazing Wine Cellar Designs

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Do you have small basement space that you can spare for storing some valuable items? Then, perhaps you might consider making your own wine cellar? While it is best to consult a specialist in preparing the room for wine storage, you can find here the best design ideas on wine cellar interior.

Wine Cellar Design

Awesome Private Wine Cellar Ideas

Wine cellars are usually a sign of good taste and wealth, because wine hunters, are not mostly avid drinkers, but rather greedy wine collectors. So making the wine cellar is all about displaying your excellent taste.

So, you have decided on the space and location, and all the functional details, like insulation, racks and other technical moments. Time to consider the design of your wine cellar, which by the way, doesn’t necessarily has to be below the ground. The design of the cellar should correspond to your house interior design, and serve a functional purpose.

Whether you need a real storing room for your wine collection, or you are in need of some lounge room, where these excellent bottles would be maintained – you need a design. Depending on you purpose, you wine cellar can be just wooden racks with bottle holders, or it can be exquisite shelves with rock embroidery on the background.

The wine cellar does not necessarily have to be heavy built traditional cloister made of stone and wood. It can be modern and glassy, with blue artificial lights, like we’ll see later on. It’s up to you, and your interior design to decide how exactly you want to decorate you wine cellar. Enjoy!

Check out awesome wine cellar designs:

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  1. Natarajan Says:

    we are plan to start 10 wine cellar in Bangalore we want 10*10feet wine cellar disign and furniture full set glass close cellar.

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