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Onyx Stone in Interior Design

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Onyx is an amazing quartz stone that comes in a variety of colors and allows for beautiful interior design. A fit alternative to marble, onyx has its pluses and, of course, downsides.

Onyx living room wall

Being more expensive than marble onyx is a soft and fragile stone prone to staining. It is also rare, which makes it a solely decorative material that we’d recommend using in low-traffic areas and surfaces and only for display purposes because otherwise stone is really high-maintenance.

With the nuances out of the way, onyx is a very beautiful stone with amazing partterns and since it’s much lighter than marble it allows the light to go through, it’s translucent. So backlighting works wonders for onyx walls and countertops giving you both a sight to behold and dim ambient lighting.

Onyx Interior Design Ideas

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