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Ideas For Storing Wood Logs Indoors

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Wood logs are a common fuel for fireplaces and stoves but what to do when there is no space to store them? The lack of space may dictate the choice of a fireplace not only in terms of size but also fuel. Wood logs should be stored dry and they require extra space in the house. There are quite a few ways of storing and even incorporating wood logs into the interior design.

Ideas For Storing Wood Logs Indoors

Wood Log Storage Units

Store wood logs using furniture with storage space like cabinets, shelving, and other. Storing wood logs on display can add a lot to the interior design and they also fit different interior styles. The wood will make the modern minimalist room look warmer.

Wood Log Accessories

Some fireplaces come with a special storage unit for wood logs, but you can also buy a simple wood log holder separately. The wood log holders come in various styles and materials to fit interior designs of various styles. Stainless steel holders will fit well with the modern interior while for a more traditional home you can opt for wrought iron and leather.

Ideas For Storing Wood Logs Indoors

Wall Niches

If architecture allows you can stack wood logs into the wall niche finishing this architectural detail with a pattern of stacked wood logs. Wall niche can be specially created in the same room with the fireplace to solve the problem of storing wood logs.

Wood Logs In Interior Design

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