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Attic Home Office Design Ideas

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A home office is expected to be a quite and organized place that mimics the atmosphere of an actual workplace to help focus on the job. What can be a better room in the house to set up a home office than attic? It’s secluded and quite and it can be transformed into a totally functional modern office space.

Attic Home Office

Attic Home Office

Attic home office

Color Scheme

When choosing color scheme for your home office think practicality and light-reflection. If your attic is deprived of natural light the dark color scheme will make it appear even darker so stick to neutral light hues that don’t weight on you and make you feel energized or calm.


When it comes to home office style you can choose anything you want. It can be modern and sleek if you have the budget, but you can only invest in a good desk and chair and gather the rest of the decor from old unused things lying around the house or cluttering up your garage or basement.


Since there can be a problem with lighting in the attic the best way to bring plenty of natural light into your office is installing a skylight. Better yet install it right above your desk especially if you draw or perform other work that requires good lighting and attention to detail.

If you have a big enough window in the attic place your desk near it to maximize the amount of light. Of course, if you prefer working at night you may ignore window or skylight and go with a good desk light.


In vaulted attics it can be hard to use walls for storage so baskets, boxes, and other units can be quite useful in organizing space. A storage-friendly desk can also be a great way to keep your office neat.

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  1. Adan Bert Says:

    Wow!!! These are really awesome office decoration tips. In my opinion storage in office is most important; if there would not be proper storage then points prior to storage would be of no use.

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